Ring Of Honor TV Results: The OGK (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) Defeat Beer City Bruiser & Ken Dixon Via Backpack Stunner

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Back in January, Beer City Bruiser showed his true nature when he smashed a beer bottle over the head of Matt Taven and attacked the hurt ankle of Mike Bennett after a tag team match. This caused Brian Milonas to end his partnership with Bruiser, so he just found a new tag team partner. Ken Dixon of the ROH Dojo was a like-minded individual, and now aligns with Bruiser for take on The OGK in tag team action.

The OGK Take Advantage Of A Team Who Can’t Get Along

Matt Taven seemed to have grown a beard since vanishing after the 19th Anniversary, and refused the Code Of Honor. Dixon would start this match by punching Taven in the jaw. He’d get Taven in the corner with more hard strikes, before Taven nailed a dropkick. Dixon slipped to the outside and Taven followed, and was able to catch him with a Sunset Flip.

Taven dropped Dixon jaw first on the rope, and Bennett took to the apron with a slam. Back in the ring, Taven nailed a Purple Thunder Bomb for a two count. Bennett tagged in and beat down Dixon in the corner. He’d grab him by the beard and punch him in the face, before Bruiser got a tag in. He’d get things back on track for this team, and Dixon tagged in to simply punish Bennett and keep him away.

Bennett would fight back with a Death Valley Driver, but couldn’t make a tag as Bruiser slipped in and hit an elbow drop. Bruiser made the tag but was busy arguing with Dixon to realize Taven tagged in. A russian leg sweep to Bruiser, and a Backbreaker into a DDT on Dixon retook control for The OGK, before he’d get a neckbreaker on Bruiser. Taven went for a sunset flip, and he narrowly dodged a hip drop counter from Bruiser.

He’d tag in Bennett, and they’d get Bruiser with strike after strike, including a springboard roundhouse. Bennett nailed a brainbuster, but Taven missed the splash. Bruiser dumped Taven on his head and tagged Dixon, who got a two count off a slam before he let the count go. Bennett tagged in and hit a backpack stunner for the win.

A very standard tag team match, with the major story being that Dixon & Bruiser really couldn’t work with each other. After the match, Taven smashed a Beer Bottle over the head of Bruiser, completing the revenge, and adding a highlight to the match. Match Rating: 2.75/5 (** 3/4)

Brian Milonas was conflicted after this match, and was ready to work with Beer City Bruiser again. He’d kick Dixon out of the ring, and The Bouncers are back. Will The Bouncers finally become a serious threat? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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