AEW Fyter Fest Results: Chris Jericho Defeats Shawn Spear To Survive First Labor Of Jericho, Nick Gage Makes AEW Debut Next Week (07/21)

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If Chris Jericho wants to get his hands on MJF in a one on one match, he needs to survive five challenges. He’s personally dubbed it the Five Labors Of Jericho, and it will be five handcrafted matches by MJF. First up tonight on Fyter Fest is a match with ‘The Chairman’ of The Pinnacle, Shawn Spears. The trick tonight is that in this match, Spears can use a steel chair legally but Jericho can’t.

Shawn Spears Comes Armed For Battle

Spears came to the ring armed with his weapon of choice, and with Tully Blanchard backing him up. He proved last week that he knows how to use that chair time and time again, including during a beatdown of Jericho. MJF would join the commentary desk, and the bell rang. Spears would try to corner Jericho with the chair, before taking an elbow strike to the face.

Jericho had disarmed Spears and took advantage with some chops before dropping him with a lariat. Spears would get some strikes back after Jericho grabbed the chair and was disarmed by the referee. Another lariat dropped Spears and sent him to the apron, before a back elbow sent him to the floor. Jericho would chuck Spears into the ring before grabbing a camera and having some fun.

Back in the ring, Jericho would look to maintain control and send Spears outside once again. Spears grabbed another chair, and Jericho didn’t realize until it was thrown at his face to counter a triangle dropkick. Jericho got a comeback with an enziguri before going up top and being taken down with a belly to belly suplex off the top.

Chris Jericho Finds A Way

Spears set up the injured arm of Jericho by the ringpost, and nailed it with a steel chair. He was in the zone, but Jericho dodged a splash into the corner before hitting a lariat. Spears thought he sent Jericho to the apron, but he went over the top rope and came off the top with an axe handle.

Jericho turned the clock back with a top rope frankensteiner, before running into a superkick. Spears got a two count before setting up a chair in the corner, and brought a third into the ring to whack it across the spine of Jericho. Jericho would catch Spears taunting and get him locked into the Walls of Jericho, and Spears made a desperate crawl to the ropes.

Tully distracted the referee while Spears tapped out, until Guevara came to ringside to keep Tully away. Spears would get a chair shot and the C4 for a two count. This match is too high stakes for Jericho to lose. Spears set up a C4 with a chair before being countered, shoved into the corner chair and hit with Judas Effect for the win.

Jericho brought some babyface first in this match, and Spears showed how effective of a heel he can be. The stipulation was solid for the match, with the talent in the ring making it work. Match Rating: 3/5 (***)

MJF added a new stipulation, now Jericho can’t bring people in to help him. Next week is labour two, a No DQ match with Nick Gage. AEW is now MDK, and Jericho will have to face a deathmatch specialist. Can Jericho survive? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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