Australian Suicide and Vanilla Vargas Announced Pregnancy

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Puerto Rican wrestler and regular in AAA, Vanilla Vargas announced her pregnancy on Tuesday. Vargas and her boyfriend, AAA’s Australian Suicide, shared the news yesterday.

Vanilla Vargas started her wrestling career in Puerto Rico but trained sometimes in Mexico. She was a valet for Angel Fashion in World Wrestling Council (WWC) and for the stable, The 3rd Generation (with Mike Mendoza and Fashion) in World Wrestling League (WWL). She transitioned to Konnan’s Aro Lucha project. Later, becoming a regular in AAA. Vargas told fans this Tuesday:

Today I share the most beautiful and important news of my life. At last, I can share the joy I feel knowing that I will be a mother for the first time … Thank you to everyone who has been with me at this time, Thank you @suicida_del_oz for being unconditional and giving me the greatest joy in my life and my family , friends and @luchalibreaaa who have been there for us I can proudly say I see you later ❤️❤️❤️🤰🏼it is time for a special stage #VanillaMode

Australian Suicide is an Australian wrestler that has been wrestling for AAA for 8 years. He was part of a trio that featured Jack Evans and Angelico, later transitioning to singles competition. He won the AAA Cruiserweight Championship. Against Daga, he lost his mask in a “Lucha de Apuestas”. He’s one of the most exciting wrestlers of the company but has not been able to surpass the ranks of the promotion. On twitter, Australian Suicide wrote:

Absolute pleasure to finally announce my biggest life accomplishments to everyone! @VanillaVargas and I are pregggggaaassss! I’ll be taking high fives from the boys as long as we got that hand sanitizer strapped! #quarantinebaby

The couple still awaits the return of AAA, as Mexican wrestling looks to still be in limbo. The companies are already prepared for the return of wrestling, but the situation in Mexico City and across the country looks uncertain. Super Luchas reports on the situation:

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, AAA has remained without functions after carrying out the Fighter Fight that took place last June, so doubts begin to emerge among the fans, since just over a month ago Triplemanía XXVIII, there is no clear scenario for the realization of the event that would have to take place on August 22 at the Mexico City Arena; however, at the moment it is not known whether the event will continue, will be held behind closed doors or will be canceled.

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