Will Mexico’s Generación XXI Have Show On Friday?

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Per Super Luchas and Lucha Blog, Lucha Libre Generación XXI is scheduled to have the Covid-19 show on Friday.  Fans will remember that this is the same wrestling promotion whose promoter was murdered in February. 

Here’s the previous report of the murder back in February by Medio Tiempo

This Sunday, the Director of the Lucha Libre Generación XXI company, Martín Gerardo Landeros Mendiola, was assassinated while he was in a restaurant in the city of Irapuato.

Several armed men came to the table where the promoter was having breakfast with a woman and shot him. They subsequently escaped in a van.

The Municipal Police and medical services arrived within minutes and confirmed the businessman’s death.

Martín Gerardo Landeros has been working with his promoter since 2016. He performed functions in Irapuato, Querétaro, and together with other companies in the State of Mexico, with the presence of luchadors from the CMLL, AAA, and high-ranking independent.

Now, Lucha Libre Generación XXI, during the pandemic, is holding an event. The show looks like this, as Lucha Blog reports: 

G21 (SAT) 07/18/2020 Irapuato, Guanajuato
1) Abagor vs Gallero
2) Gargajo, Lepra, Moco vs Dark Crazy, Irakundo, Lucifer
3) Black Marvel & Dr. Pólux vs Máquina Infernal I & Máquina Infernal II
4) Último Halcón vs Arlequín Fly, Arkángel
5) Negro García vs Angeluz Fly, Yanzan, Golden King [Copa COVID-19]
6) Ángel Caído, Hijo De Dr. Pólux, Maravilla Strong, Murciélago Plateado vs Fulgor I, Metaleón, Rencor Carbineo, Shere Khan

We haven’t heard much from Generacion XXI since their owner was murdered back in March. I’m not sure who’s running it now; maybe the wrestlers themselves. I’m not even sure where this show is, but that’s the idea. The Facebook post has account information and a Whatsapp number to buy tickets but no location. They’re trying to keep it secret. They don’t want media to get them in trouble, they don’t plan on taping the show to give away who was there and they’re being selective as to who they allow to purchase tickets and find out where they’re going. Fans in Irapuato, Leon, and Queretaro can pay 250 pesos to get on a bus to the mystery location, where they’ll still be required to go through temperature checks and wear masks. Anyway, this is what lucha libre has become in 2020. The only negative Facebook reaction has been “why isn’t there a bus from Celaya too?” (Angeluz Fly stated they’ll run one if they can get 15 people to sign up.)

Super Luchas reports on a mystery show, that will surely elude the regulations from the government. Here’s an excerpt: 

Here is all the information … the place of the event is secret, it will not be broadcast live or more than the authorized media are allowed … let’s avoid the false press, the dynamic is so the cost of the ticket is $ 250 per person. What does it include?

Round trip transportation
Entrance to the event
Commemorative sticker
For reasons that we already know, location is not sent, the exact place is not said, much less you can go to part or by your own means.

Estimated travel times
Irapuato to the event venue 45 min.
León to the place of the event 30 min.
Querétaro to the place of the event 2 hrs.

Irapuato 3:30 pm confirming your attendance the place of departure is sent to you.
León 5 pm confirming your attendance departure point is sent to you
Querétaro 2:30 pm departure from the Querétaro arena.

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