Confusion Over the Return of Lucha Libre in Mexico City

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It was reported in various outlets that Lucha Libre could come back to its capital in Mexico City. This came when one of the mayors of the Mexico City municipalities told the public that the government would be paying for a show of Lucha Libre this Saturday. 

Victor Hugo Romo was with members of the Lucha Libre and Boxing Commission, which included Mascara 2000 and Fantasma. The announcement took everybody by surprise, especially Fantasma.  Romo alongside members of the government was distributing food to the public when he made the announcement. 

The mayor’s office has a system of sports and music shows. We are going to do virtual fights. They are going to start this weekend,” told the mayor of Miguel Hidalgo to the public. He added, “We are going to ask the Ministry of Health to give us a protocol so that it can be done in a virtual way, and that the fighters who are going to do this show earn a few pennies. It is about learning to live with the bug (sic), with the COVID-19. It is the commitment I make with the Mexico City Commission.

Other topics discussed during the announcement was the option of doing the Auto Lucha show. Last week, Consejo Mundia de Lucha Libre was trying empty arena shows with some talents. But, the proposal is still too far. Mexico city face over 75,000 cases by Covid-19 and almost 9,000 deaths.

The Auto Lucha shows were first proposed by Dorian Roldan of AAA. Moreover, other companies, far smaller than AAA, proposed the same. To be part of a type of Auto Lucha show, they were proposing integrating it to the Drive to Fun at Parque Bicentenario, which is having such shows at night. 

On Tuesday, El Universal MX reported that Fantasma, the head of the commission of Lucha Libre and Boxing, said that Lucha Libre was still prohibited in Mexico City. Fantasma recognized that there was a 50 percent chance for the return of Lucha Libre in Mexico City. 

He told El Universal, that is not only having the show but the protocols, effective methods to do testing. He acknowledges that eventually, someone has to propose a show in Mexico City with all of the health measures. But, that for the time, they don’t know if anyone is returning effectively. 

Lucha Blog showed skepticism to this dynamic by the Lucha and Box Commission and the Mayor of Miguel Hidalgo: 

I don’t know when on Wednesday we’ll hear more about this if we’ll even hear more about this. Probably not if there’s no show. There are three ways I can see this going:

  1. No show happens; either Mexico City health department says no or it otherwise falls apart and we forget this conversation happened in a few week’s time

  2. The mayor lives by his own rules and gets people to put on a show without approval, which becomes a minor story but doesn’t really change anything.

  3. The mayor gets the Mexico City government to establish rules for “safe” running of outdoor lucha libre shows; the dam bursts.



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