Matt Cardona Intends To Stick Around In AEW

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Matt Cardona Intends To Stick Around In AEW

A few weeks back now, Cody Rhodes got some aid in fending off The Dark Order with a debuting Matt Cardona. The former Zack Ryder made an instant impact in AEW, with a tag team victory the very next week. With the news that he only signed on with AEW for a few dates, many wondered if he was sticking around, and that seems to be the case.

Only Has Three Dates Left In AEW

While speaking with Bro Bible, Cardona would confirm that he only signed on for five dates with AEW. This means, counting his previous two showings, he only has three showings left. Without much of a chance to build storylines, it might be hard for him to stay fully integrated in the company. Despite this, he intends to be there for the long haul.

“Yeah, so I only have a couple of dates signed. But I didn’t go there just to get a new t-shirt, you know? I’m there for the long haul. That’s the goal. That’s the plan. To show the world what I can do. To win some championships, have some fun and it’s a great environment there.”

It’s not hard to see someone like Cardona pick up the TNT or Tag Team Championships down the line, but the AEW Championship is very far out of his reach.

Matt Cardona Might Not Get A Chance To Answer Cody’s Open Challenge

Many felt that after their tag team match together, Cardona would challenge Cody for the TNT Championship. With Mr. Brodie Lee taking the next shot next Saturday evening on a special episode of AEW Dynamite, we could see Cody’s reign end.

This will likely mean the end of the open challenge, and make it harder for Cardona to make his name in a big singles match. He didn’t impress many in the tag team match, with Dark Order grunts Silver & Reynolds stealing his spotlight. A singles match would ensure that he gets a chance to shine, and possibly get the fan support needed to show that AEW could have something on their hands.

Do you think Matt Cardona will impress in his next three apperances for AEW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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