WWE Main Event Results: Mustafa Ali vs. Arturo Ruas

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WWE Main Event Results: Mustafa Ali vs. Arturo Ruas

Mustafa Ali’s return to WWE was far from as grand as he might have wanted. He is stuck right back in the undercard, where he was before an absence from WWE for months. The Smackdown Hacker storyline is long dead, but tonight he will compete on Main Event, in a match that should help to give him some extra momentum.

He has Arturo Ruas, who has made a name on RAW Underground across the ring from him. Normally an unknown name like Ruas would give Ali very nice odds of victory in the WWE Thunderdome, but he’s facing one of the best strikers in WWE. Who would walk away with a win?

Mustafa Ali Has To Be Careful

Ali would extend a hand early in this match, and narrowly dodge a roundhouse kick from Ruas. One good strike can end this match, meaning Ali has to be careful. He’d hit the ropes and nail two running dropkicks, getting Ruas down on the second one.

A running knee strike from Ruas would drop his Ali, and the arm would be targeted. An armbar would be applied, and Ali would have to fight his way out, before getting a rollup for a two count. Ruas would then hit a big flapjack on Ali, before grabbing another armbar on the mat, but Ali reached the ropes.

Ruas would run into an elbow when he’d rush Ali in the corner, giving Ali his much needed opening. Ali would hit a dropkick to the arm, and take Ruas down with a rolling armbreaker for a two count. Rusa would soon find himself trapped in a crossface, but he’d get to the ropes to break the hold.

Overeagerness Can Lead To Crushing Defeat

Ali would be sent throat first into the middle rope, and stumble to the corner. Ruas would again rush in, but Ali quickly went to the top rope, with Ruas crashing into the corner post. Ali would go for the 450 Splash, but Ruas moved out of the way, but Ali landed on his feet and rolled through.

Ruas would execute a quick takedown and go for an armbar, but Ali rolled into a pinfall for a two count. Determined to make Mustafa Ali submit, Ruas would go for another submission, but Ali again got the pinfall, this time getting the win.

This was a well done little match, and as someone who has only seen glimpses of Ruas in the past from his time in NXT, can’t help but be impressed. He has the potential to be a modern Steve Blackman type character, with his legit martial arts background shining. Ali might be the winner in this one, but Ruas might be the one to get the spotlight sooner.

Do you think Arturo Ruas could be a star for WWE? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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