AEW Dynamite Results: Orange Cassidy vs. Mr. Brodie Lee [TNT Championship Match]

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AEW Dynamite Results: Orange Cassidy vs. Mr. Brodie Lee [TNT Championship Match]

Orange Cassidy has been one of the best wrestlers of 2020, something no one saw coming. From his excellent match against PAC at AEW Revolution, to his recent feud with Chris Jericho, Orange Cassidy has been a show stealer. It was only a matter of time before he got a title shot, and tonight he will look to take the TNT Championship from Mr. Brodie Lee, who has been on an absolute tear since he ripped Cody Rhodes in half.

Mr. Brodie Lee Is Dangerous

Brodie Lee is as dangerous as they come, but Orange Cassidy wasn’t too bothered by this. He had his usual nonchalant attitude, but he’d take his sunglasses off, and give them to Anna Jay. Brodie Lee took them and put them on the ground.

The bell rang, and OC put his hands deep in his pockets, doing his kick routine before getting dropped with a single shot. OC would roll past Brodie Lee and hit a dropkick, hands still in his pockets, then diving onto Dark Order, being caught and wiped out when Brodie Lee dove in.

A huge chop would drop OC, and while Brodie Lee distracted the referee, Dark Order would maul him. Getting him back in the ring, Brodie Lee would hit the senton over the top rope, showing his insane agility for a man his size. OC ducks a lariat and looks for the swinging DDT, being stopped in mid-move, then nailed with the Boss Man Slam, as we go to a commercial break.

Brodie Lee maintained control throughout the break, and was reaching the point of toying with Orange Cassidy, likely being able to pin him at any time. He’d slingshot him into the middle rope, and hit two Half & Half Suplexes. The dicuss lariat would be set up, and OC would drop to the mat twice, but was simply playing mindgames, before using his agility to run circles around Mr. Brodie Lee.

Orange Cassidy Is Finally Trying

Cassidy would send Mr. Brodie Lee to the outside, and hit two elbow suicide dives, and send him back into the ring. He’d take out Dark Order at ringside, and try again for the swinging DDT on Brodie Lee, having to opt for the stunner instead. Going to the top rope, he’d hit the diving DDT, and Mr. Brodie Lee was rocked, but Cassidy kipped up and hit the running PK twice!

Mr. Brodie Lee would be hit with the swinging DDT, and lifted up for the Air Raid Crash, nearly getting pinned! The Orange Punch would hit John Silver, who took this bullet for Mr. Brodie Lee, with a dicuss lariat ending Orange Cassidy. Following the win, the lights would drop and a grand entrance would begin, meaning just one thing.

Cody Rhodes Is Back?

The music of Cody Rhodes would blast over the speakers, and he’d walk out of the smoke with a new look. He’d take the fight to Dark Order, and would brutalize Alan Angels like Brodie Lee brutalized him. Mr. Brodie Lee got the hell out of dodge, but he’s going to have to face Cody very soon.

He knows this, and it’s going to be a dog collar match as per Mr. Brodie Lee. Will Cody accept the challenge? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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