AEW Dynamite Anniversary Results: MJF Has A HUGE Announcement

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AEW Dynamite Anniversary Results: MJF Has A HUGE Announcement

MJF is up to something. I mean, he’s always up to something, but as we go into year two of AEW Dynamite, he clearly has big plans. MJF has been buddying up with The Inner Circle & Chris Jericho, but it feels far from genuine, also taking shots at Jericho behind his back. Tonight, on the anniversary show of AEW Dynamite, he has a huge announcement to make, something he feels will shake AEW to it’s core.

MJF Invites Chris Jericho To The Ring

MJF would get boo’d on his way to the ring, but that’s because the fans are envious. He accomplished more in one year than any of the fans will do in their lives. Those angry fans should strap in, because MJF is here to get on top and stay there. He wants to be joined by a man who has stayed on top for 30 years, Chris Jericho, who would join MJF with The Inner Circle at his back. The fans would happily sing Judas on the way to the ring, and everyone but Sammy Guevara were wearing the Inner Circle jackets MJF got for them in recent weeks.

Guevara’s jacket was about 10 sizes too big, but Jericho urged him to put it on. MJF would make fun of Guevara before commenting on the physique and hair of Jericho. He’d want to touch the soft hair of Jericho, but then the tone would change. Jericho asked MJF to cut the shit, and get to the HUGE announcement.

MJF Wants To Join The Inner Circle

MJF would try to bring the tone back to chill, and say that Jericho and MJF are the biggest draws in AEW. This is why Jericho is The Demo God, and MJF the Ratings Ruler. They’ve been on top since the start, but have never met. Top predators never clash, there’s a mutual respect between them.

So why aren’t they working together? MJF would like to join The Inner Circle. With him in the faction, they’d once again be the top faction in the company. Santana would take the microphone, and say they don’t want MJF in, so Inner Circle needs to think on this. Next week, Jericho wants to meet MJF one on one… for a steak dinner.

Will MJF join Inner Circle? What are his intentions? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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