AEW Dynamite Results: Abadon In Action, Hikaru Shida Is Not Scared

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Hikaru Shida has been a fantastic AEW World Women’s Champion, having faced any foe without a second thought. That was until after her recent match with Anna Jay of Dark Order, when AEW’s Living Dead Girl showed up. Shida is terrified of Abadon after their first encounter, and now Abadon is coming for her title. Coming off an injury, she isn’t ready to rush this match, and will add another soul to her collection tonight.

Abadon Shows That Demon’s Don’t Get Paid By The Hour

Abadon would crawl out to make her way to the ring, sporting a 5-1 record. Blood poured from her mouth, unclear if hers or other victims. Tesha Price was visibly shaken, the bell rang, and Abadon hit the clothesline. She’d get thrown into the corner for more strikes, and ragdolled away.

Abadon slowly crawled in, having won the mental game before the bell even rang. Price threw a forearm, and that only made Abadon mad. She’d choke Price, and hit an STO, then the Widows Peak for the win. After the bell, she attacked Price further, but who would come out and stop her?

Hikaru Shida Will Protect The AEW Women’s Division

The music of Hikaru Shida hit, and she came armed with her kendo stick. She’d shake the fear off, and took to the ring with Abadon. It was the ECW Zombie vs. The Sandman for a modern era, as Shida with one percise wack would drop Abadon. She’d help Price out of the ring, but Abadon just sat back up.

Shida saved Price, and would protect her if this demon came at them again. It’s clear that this was just to further this angle, and Shida showed improvement by not shaking in her boots at Abadon this time around.

A title match will be coming soon, and could be a very hard hitting affair. Could you see that being the end of the reign of Hikaru Shida? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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