Impact Wrestling Hardcore Justice Live Results (4/10)

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Hello and welcome to Impact Wrestling Hardcore Justice Live Results!

I’m your host, CP Bialois, and we’re going to have a fun show today with some inventive matches of hardcore brutality thanks to Tommy Dreamer’s imagination.

We’re going to grab some snacks and get ready to settle in for the 3 p.m. EST showtime.

3 Way Tag Match – Josh Alexander and Petey Williams Defeated Ace Austin and Madman Fulton and TJP and Fallah Bahh by Submission

This is going to be a fun match as we’re so glad to see TJP and Fallah Bahh teaming up again, and not to mention Petey Williams teaming with Josh Alexander.

We love seeing the Canadian Destroyer back.

Bahh and Alexander started it off and Bahh took some of Alexander’s best shots without flinching.

Williams and TJP were next and Williams looked like he hasn’t missed a beat in the Impact Zone as he and TJP put on a technical clinic.

Austin and Fulton gained the upper hand and worked over Bahh, but Bahh used his size to his advantage until Williams tagged in.

Fulton and Austin’s chemistry as a team was on full display as they gained the upper hand on Alexander.

TJP and Bahh took out Fulton and TJP hit the Mamba Splash on Austin, but Alexander tagged in and tried to steal the win.

Alexander got the knees up to counter TJP’s Mamba Splash, and Williams hit with a Canadian Destroyer on TJP, then Alexander slapped on an ankle lock on Fallah Bahh.

This was an awesome way to start the show and we love seeing Petey Williams back in action.

Chairly Legal Match – Shera Defeated Hernandez by Pinfall with Rohit Raju’s help

This is going to be a brutally physical match. Neither one may walk out when it’s over

Shera and Hernandez exchanged shoulder blocks and no one moved, but Shera’s power soon became evident as did Hernandez’s experience.

Hernandez was the first to grab a chair, but Shera was the first to use it when he body slammed Hernandez on it.

Shera messed up some of Hernandez’s furniture rearrangement outside the ring with a big boot and by using the chairs on Hernandez, and Hernandez returned the favor by slamming him onto two others.

Hernandez put chairs in the ropes at opposite corners and threw Shera into one, and the kicked Shera’s family jewels for good measure.

Shera turned the tide with a series of clotheslines and a spinebuster, and then worked Hernandez over with a chair on the floor.

Hernandez threw a bunch of chairs into the ring and headed to the top rope where Shera caught him and superplexed him onto the pile of chairs.

Hernandez had Shera beat, but Rohit Raju nailed Hernandez with a chair and encouraged Shera to pin him.

Afterwards, Rohit pled his case and raised Shera’s hand as Shera accepted his apology.


XXXL joined James Storm and Chris Sabin for a drinking match at Swinger’s Palace, and Matt Cardona came in and got into it with Swinger.

Dreamer called Match Time! and said Swinger and Cardona have a Crate American Bash Match tonight.

Doc Gallows w/Karl Anderson Defeated Black Taurus w/Crazzy Steve by Pinfall

Impact Wrestling Hardcore Justice Live Results have been waiting for this match, among a few others, and we’re stoked to see these two go at it.

Taurus’ speed gave him the edge early on and he hit a dragon screw through the ropes, but Gallows quickly recovered with a clothesline.

Gallows dominated early on as he hit Taurus with some heavy shots.

Black Taurus gained some momentum with some kicks, but Gallows’ uppercut helped him reclaim the upper hand.

Gallows took it to the floor and over the guardrails.

Back in the ring, Gallows continued to dominate as it looks like he has his old swagger back and is finished looking past his opponents.

Taurus gained the upper hand with a headbutt, 619, and missile dropkick.

Anderson distracted Taurus and Steve went after him, but Gallows hit a kick and sitout powerbombs for the win.

Crate American Bash – Matt Cardona Defeated Johnny Swinger by Pinfall

Each corner has a crate and each crate has a weapon inside that can be used against an opponent.

This is going to be interesting and quick.

Swinger tried to distract Cardona and went for a crate to start it off, but Cardona caught him for a quick pin attempt.

After hitting a snapmare, Swinger broke out Ric Flair’s strut, and Cardona pulled out an old Hulk Hogan pose.

Swinger hit a low blow to gain the upper hand and went to work.

He pulled a picture of Scott Hall in a frame but he dropped it outside the ring when Cardona went after him.

Swinger kept working on Cardona with several clean holds before trying to go for the second box, which Cardona stopped him with a jawbreaker.

Swinger knocked Cardona off the ropes to keep him away from a crate and opened it and found a rat trap that snapped close on his left hand.

Swinger collapsed on the mat every time Cardona tried to lift him up as he tried to bait Cardona and nearly got away with it.

Cardona opened a crate and closed it after laughing.

Swinger found brass knuckles in the other one, but Cardona ducked and hit a body press for the win.

Cardona grabbed the last crate and took it with him, looking pleased at the surprise inside.

Sami Callihan Defeated Sam Beale by Pinfall

Sami headed to the ring and said there’s a misconception about him as he’s not a bad guy, he just wants the best for people.

He pointed out what he did for Trey Miguel when he beat him up and brought out his passion and that Trey knows he’s right.

He’s there to teach Trey another lesson in passion, and passion is about taking what you want when you want it.

He wanted to be on Hardcore Justice, so he’s putting out an open challenge to anyone in the back.

And that challenger is Trey’s top student Sami corrupted a few weeks ago.

Sami told him to take the first shot, then stepped back so Beale missed a dropkick and Sami hit a clothesline, then urged Beale to give him his best shot.

Sami working on Beale’s fingers and bit him, then smiled into the camera.

Sami toyed with Beale and hit an exploder on the floor before casually rolling into the ring to allow a count out.

Beale barely made it into the ring and Sami sarcastically applauded him.

After a flourish by Beale, Sami hit a package piledriver for the win.

Blindfold Hardcore Match – Jake Something Defeated Brian Myers with Action Figures and a Black Hole Slam

This is going to be an interesting one and we’ve been curious how it’s going to go.

The only way to be disqualified is if they remove the blindfold and the ref sees it.

They felt around for each other, then swung when they bumped into each other but no connections.

Myers grabbed the ref, and Jake heard it and ran over and knocked Myers to the floor where Myers crawled around and found a trash can lid.

He managed to use it on Jake, then beat and choked Jake with a broom handle.

Myers hit a flatliner and went for a pin, but Jake was on his stomach.

Jake hit a series of short clotheslines while holding onto Myer’s wrist, but Myers pulled the ref between them, pulled his mask up and hit a couple of superkicks before reviving the ref.

Matt Cardona came out with the crate from earlier and he slid the crate to Jake and Jake hit Myers with it and hit a black hold slam.

The crate was full of wrestling action figures.

This was a pretty cool match and we loved how they worked it.

Knockouts Weapons Match for #1 Contender – Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb with a K Defeated Jordynn Grace (pin), Rosemary, Alisha, Havok, Su Yung

This is going to be an awesome match and we can’t wait to see what’s coming.

Susan came out and her music switched to Su Yung and Su joined her on the stage and appeared to attack or absorb her.

Su Yung headed to the ring. This changes things drastically. Everyone focused on Su and Tenille rolled out of the ring.

Alisha went after Grace while Rosemary and Havok approached Su. Su quickly went after them, and Rosemary and Havok went head to head.

Alisha stappled Tenille’s backside as the others slowly entered the ring and surrounded Tenille, who dropped to her knees.

Kaleb tried to intercede and Alisha stapled him and they took turns nailing him with rights for a comedic break.

Su and Grace soon went after each other, and Rosemary wrapped a noose around Su’s neck and hit a spear.

Rosemary dumped thumbtacks on the floor and found herself on them after Alisha reversed a slam.

Su locked a mandible claw on Alisha and took her out of the ring.

Havok and Grace squared off, but Nevaeh came out and threw powder in Havok’s face to give Grace the edge.

Grace hit a Vader Bomb on Havok, but Kaleb pulled her off and hit Grace with a superkick so Tenille could sneak in and steal the pin.

In Swinger’s Palace, XXXL and Storm and Sabin continued their drinking match with pin pong balls, and it quickly devolved into a brawl that Sabin and Storm won easily.

It was pretty cool when they did their version of Vince McMahon’s “He’s gonna puke!” for Acey Romero, but Acey did not puke.

Championship vs. Career – Knockouts Championship – Deonna Purrazzo (c) Defeated Jazz by Pinfall

This is going to bring so many feels no matter how it ends.

Jazz took the early advantage with strikes and kicks, but Purrazzo took control by working on Jazz’s left arm.

Purrazzo was relentless in her assault on Jazz’s arm while mixing in pin attempts here and there while she controlled the match.

Jazz wasn’t finished as she fought free, but Purrazzo hit a flatliner for a near pinfall.

Purrazzo tied Jazz up in the bottom rope and hit a basement dropkick on her injured shoulder, all the while jazz refused to quit.

Jazz took the fight to the floor and she took over after throwing Purrazzo into the ring post and went digging for some chairs and a trash can lid from under the ring.

Jazz had a great flurry of attacks and nearly scored a pinfall. Purrazzo grabbed the championship belt and swung but Jazz ducked and hit a Samoan Drop and went for a chair.

A series of chair shots to Purrazzo led to a DDT on the chair but it wasn’t enough.

Purrazzo hit a pump kick, knee, and rolling exploder and then a Queen’s Gambit for the win.

This was a great match and we’re sad to see Jazz’s career end, but it’s been a great run and we loved every minute of it.


Grace came out and the two shared a moment in the ring as they held each other and Grace helped her to her feet.

Hardcore War – Violent By Design (Eric Young, Joe Doering, Deaner, and Rhino)  Team Dreamer (Tommy Dreamer, Rich Swann, Eddie Edwards, and Willie Mack)

Backstage, Dreamer was attacked and the doctor said he can’t wrestle. Scott D’Amore told Edwards to go to the ring.

Edwards started it off but he forgot his kendo stick, and Deaner came out with a crowbar or something.

Edwards jumped Deaner from behind and he hammered away on Deaner. Deaner fought back and gained the upper hand and they then exchanged blows.

Edwards hit a belly to belly to send Deaner to the floor, then went out after him. Edwards grabbed a chair, but Deaner kicked him before he could use it.

Edwards hit a backpack piledriver as the clock ticked down and Rhino came out with a kendo stick.

Edwards grabbed a chair, but Deaner attacked him from behind and the beatdown commenced.

At least the next one to come out will even the odds.

Willie Mack came out with Kenny, Edwards’ kendo stick, and with a chain Junkyard Dog style.

Mack took Deaner and Rhino out with a chain wrapped fist and they sent Rhino to the floor as Edwards took Kenny and wore him out on Deaner.

Edwards found a toaster and tossed it to Mack and Mack placed it at Deaner’s junk and hit it with a chain wrapped fist.

Doering came out next and they nailed Doering, but Doering ran through a clothesline with a kendo stick.

Next to come out was Rich Swann, and he had a table and a traffic sign.

Swann hit Doering low and high, then took down Deaner and Rhino with the handicap parking sign and kicks. Swann and Edwards brought the table to the ring as Eric Young came out with a hockey stick.

Young cleaned house with the stick and it looked bleak with the numbers game against Team Dreamer.

The clock ticked down but who will come out?

Trey Miguel came out with a golf club and he took out Young and Deaner with scorpion kikcs and a neckbreaker, then knocked Rhino off the apron.

Doering ended his run with a crossbody.

A series of finishing moves followed, and Rhino drove Swann through a propped up table for a near pinfall.

A quadruple powerbomb by Doering on Young, Mack, Swann, and Edwards off the top rope was an impressive sight.

Mack fought off Deaner, Rhino, and Young himself, but Deaner hit him with a trash can lid and Young hit a piledriver for the win.

Emotions ran high, but this match and special were everything we expect and more.

Let us know what you thought of it in the comments below, and thank you for joining Impact Wresting Hardcore Justice Live Results. We loved being with you can can’t wait for next time.

See you all next time!

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