WWE Wrestlemania 37 Night One Results: Cesaro Hits Seth Rollins With Neutralizer For Major Win

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People have been waiting to see Cesaro get his big singles push for years now, and tonight could be the start of this. He’s in a major singles match with former WWE Champion Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania. It’s certainly an upgrade from facing Drew Gulak on the pre-show last year, and it’s been a heated feud.

Rollins claims to be the locker room leader of Smackdown, but Cesaro refused to follow him and got beat down. Cesaro responded by swinging Rollins around and around, and looks to do the same today!

Cesaro Wants His Wrestlemania Moment

Cesaro exploded into this match with a running european uppercut, before looking for the swing. Rollins fought free and sent to the apron, only to be hit with a springboard uppercut. Cesaro had the arm drug over the ropes, but he’d catch Rollins on the top rope with a dropkick. He’d want a top rope Gutwrench Suplex, but Rollins countered into a buckle bomb.

Rollins countered the uppercut by attacking that hurt arm, before catching Cesaro on the top rope with a superplex into the Falcon Arrow for a two count. A neckbreaker would be countered into a backslide by Cesaro, before hitting a flurry of strikes in the corner. The running uppercuts in the corner was followed by a Brodie Lee style spinning lariat for the near fall.

The fans were calling for the swing, and Cesaro was countered into a roll up. Cesaro got the double leg, but Rollins went to the rope and hit an enzuguri. Rollins went for the stomp, but Cesaro countered into the swing, getting Rollins around nine times before locking in the Sharpshooter. Cesaro wouldn’t get the win here, as Rollins got the ropes.

Seth Rollins Meets The King Of Swing

He’d look for the Neutrailizer, but Rollins countered out and hit the springboard knee strike. A slingblade dropped Cesaro, and hit a corkscrew frog splash for a two count. Cesaro would be set up for the Ripcord Knee, but countered into a snap Neutrailizer, getting a two count.

Cesaro would go for another Neutrailzer, but Rollins countered into a pedigree for a two count. They’re pulling out all the stops for this match, and Rollins would take a moment to gloat. He survived the neutrailizer and the swing, and he is a god. An rolling elbow to the back of the head was followed by the Black Magic Kick, a set up for the Stomp.

Cesaro countered into the uppercut, before setting the UFO and spun Rollins on his shoulders without his hands! The King of Swing was calling for the real deal, and Rollins was going around and around for a long time. In total, Rollins was spun twenty three times and nailed with the Neutrailizer, ending this one!

What could be next for Cesaro? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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