Ring Of Honor TV Results: Flamita Defeats Bandido Via Low Blow To Win Heated Grudge Match

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After the ROH 19th Anniversary, it’s obvious that Bandido & Flamita are not on the same page. MexiSquad exploded at that event, and then Flamita walked out on Bandido in a tag team match. Now Bandido wants to settle his personal issues with Flamita in the ring. It’ll be one on one, and Bandido thinks that this match can fix everything between two old friends.

Bandido Turns Up The Violence In This Grudge Match

As soon as the bell rang, Bandido charged in. He’d dodge a dropkick and double stomp from Flamita, before nailing a Pump Kick. Flamita popped up and took a snapmare before landing on his feet. He’d talk some trash before nailing a running dropkick to send Bandido to the outside, before getting him with the suicide dive. Bandido would be thrown into the barrier along the ramp, sending it tumbling over as we went to a quick break.

During the break, Flamita kept working on the shoulder of Bandido, with a sliding dropkick in the corner with the shoulder as a target, and a submission in the middle of the ring which Bandido was able to escape. Flamita remained in control, and hit a big boot in the corner for a two count. A tornado DDT was set up, but Bandido blocked and hit a twisting springboard body press off the top rope.

He’d cycle around Flamita four times before finally hitting a headscissor takeover. Now, Flamita was on the outside, and Bandido nailed the Fosbury Flop. Flamita would be thrown back into the ring, and have his leg smashed off the steel ring post. He’d grab a broom from under the ring and after wrapping the legs of Flamita around the pole, whack them with it. Referee Todd Sinclair knew this was a big match so let him off with a warning.

Was This Match Enough To Fix A Friendship?

Bandido was getting violent in the ring with Flamita as well, as he kicked away at the hurt knee of Flamita. Flamita tried to throw a kick but there was nothing there. Back on the outside, Flamita managed to whip Bandido into the barricade shoulder first, and limped over for some clubbing blows. He’d crotch Bandido on the barricade before resetting the count and going back outside.

Standing on the barricade, they’d trade shots while maintaining their balance, before Bandido took Flamita down with a hurricanrana. Flamita bounced off the ground on impact, and the referee was at 15 on his count. Neither man was standing, but both men managed to get back in at 19. They’d trade forearm shots in the middle of the ring, before Flamita hit a superkick to the jaw, prompting Bandido to hit the crucifix driver for a two count.

He’d miss a spear in the corner and take a superkick to the back of the head, and Flamita sprung to the top rope for a 450 Splash. This somehow only got a two count, and Flamita would look for the muscle buster. Bandido countered into a side kneebar, going after the hurt knee. Flamita would slap his way free, before they’d trade kicks. Bandido hit the pop up cutter, before running into a hard superkick.

Flamita ended up on the top rope, and Bandido wanted the moonsault slam. Flamita countered into a sunset flip powerbomb attempt, but Bandido blocked. He’d spring off the ropes for a Dragonrana, somehow only getting two. Todd Sinclair was accidentally taken out as Bandido set up X-Knee, and Flamita realized and hit a low blow before pinning him with one foot.

As much a brutal grudge match as it was a lucha libre showcase, Bandido & Flamita showed why they were two men that ROH needed to keep in this brilliant match. The dirty finish shows that there is a bigger match coming from these two, and who knows how far they will go then. Match Rating: 4/5 (****)

Could Bandido have beaten Flamita if he wasn’t hit low? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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