Matt Cardona Finds His Indy Stride With GCW

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Since getting released from WWE, Zack Ryder has been trying to find his stride as Matt Cardona. He’s had a brief run in All Elite Wrestling and has a brief contract with Impact Wrestling. However, neither of these runs have made as much impact as he has during a recent social media feud with Nick Gage. Last night at GCW Zombie Walk, Cardona made his biggest post-WWE impact yet.

Attacking Nick Gage

After the main event which saw Nick Gage defend the GCW World Championship against Jimmy Lloyd which came to a no contest, a robed figure would hit the ring. It looked like Jon Moxley, moved like Jon Moxley, and even hit the Paradigm Shift, Jon Moxley’s finisher.

The crowd was excited to see another brawl between Mox & Gage, but they wouldn’t get that. Cardona pulled the hood off, and let the boo’s roll in, creating an instant moment before laying down a challenge for the GCW Championship.

This was a complete surprise, with him being well disguised backstage with only a few key names knowing that he was in the building.

Matt Cardona Is An ECW-Original In A Weird Way

Adding to the fun of this situation was how Cardona followed up with the fans on social media. He’s long been a trailblazer of using social media to push things along, and this was no exception. After dubbing the fans of GCW the ‘GCW Universe’, he’d take ten questions. Among them was why he wore one legged tights in WWE ECW, to which he replied: “I am a ECW original and you’re still talking about it over a decade later. That’s why.”

He’d also confirm he is ready to fight deathmatch legend Nick Gage, will only go back to WWE to win a Royal Rumble, and that WWE never offered him another contract after he was released, but did ask to use his pool. Add in saying that he loved the reaction he got from the fans, and it’s clear Cardona is ready to fit in with GCW.

Will Matt Cardona survive a death match against Nick Gage? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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