AEW Dynamite Results: John Silver vs. Darby Allin [TNT Championship Match]

Now that he’s finally done with Team Taz, Darby Allin is finally able to start building his legacy as TNT Champion. He’s already defended against Joey Janela since then, but tonight he faces John Silver of The Dark Order. On paper this is a simple match, but when you remember the history of the TNT Championship and how important it was to the late Mr. Brodie Lee, who was a mentor of Silver? This one is personal. Tonight, the TNT Championship might go back where many believe it belongs, in The Dark Order.

Dedicated To Mr. Brodie Lee

Allin gave respects to Brodie Lee before this match, and they’d lock up. Silver shoved Allin into the corner, before allowing the clean break. A Greco Roman Knuckle lock led to Allin tripping the leg, and grabbing the headlock on Silver and isolating him on the mat. Silver shoved Allin off before crashing in with a back elbow that sent Allin flying to the outside.

The pressure was kept on, and Allin was taken right back into the ring. Another heavy shot before Silver tossed Allin across the ring with his insane power, before throwing him into the corner. Silver ragdolled Allin into the corner, hit a knee strike and nailed a brainbuster for an early two count.

Silver had a lariat countered, but Allin couldn’t get the coffin drop. He was taken down with kicks before Silver applied the spinning Gory Special into a neckbreaker. Some hard blows rattled Allin, before he was just kicked to the outside. Silver threw Allin into the barricade, before running over the barricade himself when Allin dodged

Allin would hit a dive to the outside, but would hit Five instead. Sting came to ringside to keep Dark Order out of the way, and just stalked the match from the ramp. Silver went for some kicks before looking for a lariat, but Allin got a roll up. Allin got the cradle after countering a German Suplex, but only got a two count.

Darby Allin Won’t Stay Down

Silver countered a stunner attempt into the Queenslayer, a nod to injured friend Anna Jay. Allin broke the hold with a pinfall attempt, but had a Northern Lights Suplex countered into a DDT. Sting kept Dark Order away from Allin on the outside, but stayed away from the match itself.

Back in the ring, Allin invited the kicks of Silver and got fired up, before unloading some palm strikes. Silver came back with some of his own, before countering a Victory Roll into a pinfall of his own for two. Allin hit the middle rope Coffin Drop, before taking a kick to the chest. Silver set up a superplex, and was shoved off.

Instead of finishing Silver, Allin hit a Coffin Drop onto The Dark Order, and Silver took advantage. He hit a top rope Spin Cycle Bomb, before Allin got a rope break. Allin countered a powerbomb into Code Red for the win.

After the match, Hardy would attack Darby Allin and start a massive brawl, before taking a Coffin Drop. Not even Sting could keep order here. Will Matt Hardy challenge for the TNT Championship next? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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