Yuji Nagata Accepts Challenge Of IWGP United States Champion Jon Moxley

For the past 470 days, Jon Moxley has been the IWGP United States Champion in New Japan Pro Wrestling. It’s been hard for him to make regular defenses, but he’s also maintained a tight grip on his championship. KENTA was his latest challenger, and after months of mocking Moxley, he was dropped right on his head. Now, Jon Moxley has set his sights on another challenger, a man who he has deep respect for. He wants ‘Blue Justice‘ Yuji Nagata one one one.

Jon Moxley Calls His Own Shots As IWGP United States Champion

Moxley would recently send a video message into NJPW about this title reign, and it would say the following. “As far as the IWGP United States Championship is concerned, with the way of the world aside,” Moxley said in the promo vignette, “one thing has never changed — I call my own shots. Just like I said on January 4th, last year at the Tokyo Dome when I won that belt, I’m big game hunting in New Japan Pro Wrestling, I’m taking scalps from the hardest hitters in the game.

I have a deep respect for the legends of this sport and I feel like things should be done in a certain way – I’m not one for ego trips and grandstanding, I’m not one for talking trash on Twitter, so I’m going to make this real simple. Nagata-san. Grab your six-shooter. Meet me outside the saloon at dawn. And we’ll see who can get a shot off first. That is…if you’re up to it.”

Yuji Nagata Accepts This Challenge

Not one to take any challenge lightly, Yuji Natgata would respond with his usual passion. “Mr. Jon Moxley! Looks like you have Yuji Nagata in your sights…At first, I was pleased to know that you recognize who the toughest around here is, but you want me to “Bring my Six Shooter?” Listen here you snot-nosed punk! In that ring, there’s no need for cheap props. In this business, we rely only on our brawn. If you didn’t know that, maybe you need to start over at square one!”

We’re not quite sure when this match will go down, but when it does, we could have a classic on our hands. We have not seen Moxley work that typical NJPW style since his excellent G1 Climax run, but Nagata will likely bring it out of him.

Can you see Yuji Nagata beating Jon Moxley for the IWGP United States Championship when they finally meet? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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