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AEW Dynamite continues after that crazy tag team title match, cage match between Cody and Wardlow is all we have left. A quick video shows us the unveiling the first action figure line for AEW with Cody, Kenny, Matt, Nick and Brandi Rhodes checking out their figures. A vignette detailing the feud between Cody Rhodes and MJF is on now, to build up for the Steel Cage match main event here for AEW Dynamite. Pinfall or submission only for this one. A loud “Cody” chant as he makes his entrance. MJF is of course backing Wardlow, Cody has Brandi and Arn Anderson by his side.

Steel Cage Match: Cody vs. Wardlow

Bell sounds, cage looks tall. Cody ducks under Wardlow’s arms, leaping big boot to the face but Wardlow just smiles. Lock-up, Wardlow tosses him, he lands on his feet but Wardlow flexes. Cody hits the ropes, leapfrogs, uppercut from the mat. But Wardlow takes the advantage right back, wants a powerslam, Cody slips out, Disaster Kick! Takes him to the corner for a few big punches, hits the ropes but Wardlow stops him with a simple lariat! Wardlow already taking big shots and refusing to leave his feet. Launches Cody headfirst into the steel cage!

Commercial break, match continues in the inset and Cody’s been busted wide open! Wardlow hoists him up and throws him into the steel and the cage almost gives way! Traps him in the ropes and kicks him in the chest, he’s hung upside down over the apron! Wardlow grabs the cage and slams the wall into his face over and over! Big suplex toss sends him flying! And another one, sends him way the ring! Cody reverses a suplex and has him way up in the air, facefirst suplex! The bleeding is pretty bad here! Springboard Diamond Cutter! Corner Ten Punches! The last one is an elbow!

Tries to throw Wardlow into the cage but he blocks it, back kick goes between the legs of Cody! Wardlow grabs him by the hair and hoists him up onto his shoulders! Spins into the F-10, his version of the F-5! Wardlow does not go for the cover however! Cody crawls to the apron, Wardlow grinds his face into the steel! Shoulder thrust to the back, throws him right into the door and it swings open, he’s limp on the stairs! MJF goes over to Arn Anderson who grabs the cage door, MJF wants him to hit Cody with it like he did his dad!

Arn acts like he’s considering it before slamming the cage door into MJF’s face!

Wardlow pulls Cody back into the ring, Cody escapes from his shoulders, gets him with a flying clothesline! Wardlow charges but Cody sidesteps and sends him into the cage wall! And the big man charges again but is caught with a snap powerslam! Goes up top but gets stopped by a charging right hand! Hoists him off the top for a Military Press! Launches him into the cage wall! He goes up top, Senton Bomb for a nearfall! That was kinda crazy. MJF hands Wardlow the Dynamite Diamond Ring! Cody stops him with a low blow! Grabs the diamond himself!

MJF scales the steel, yelling at Cody – Brandi Rhodes takes a chair to his backside! He goes down to the floor and gets in her face, makes like he’s about to hit her until Arn Anderson throws him over the barricade! Back iin the ring, Cody gets him with the Cross-Rhodes! Wardlow kicks out however!!! Cody stares up at the top of the cage! Scales it… goes right off with a gigantic moonsault from the top of a very high cage and nails Wardlow! That is that!!

Winner: Cody

And so Cody wins the first ever cage match in AEW history, and man was that a great finish! People really do not win with those crazy spots enough. Good stuff there, solid storytelling as you always expect in a Cody match and damned if Wardlow wasn’t impressive here, the match suited him. And thus the show comes to an explosive close!

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