AEW News: Deathmatch Legend Dr. Luther Signs With AEW For Backstage Role

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On AEW Dark, fans are being teased with a clash of two generations of Deathmatch experts. One is Dr. Luther, who made his name in FMW in the 90’s and the other is Jimmy Havoc, who is a winner of the CZW Tournament of Death. They have been blindsiding each other and winning matches to lead up to a huge clash. However, behind the scenes Luther is entering a much different role. He is going to be working backstage as a producer for the company.

Luther Is A Good Friend Of Chris Jericho

While we can’t expect Luther to become AEW Champion, his longtime friendship with Chris Jericho was likely a huge help in getting him to this new stage of his career.  Luther is a man who has paid his dues in professional wrestling, and while he can clearly still go in the ring if his match with Sonny Kiss is an indication, he has been semi-retired for years. After his planned match with Jimmy Havoc, it wouldn’t be a shock to see him either move into a manager role on-screen, or to see him move completely behind the scenes. With so many great death match wrestlers on the show, having an expert behind the scenes could make future Lights Out matches even better.

Jimmy Havoc Will Win Their Eventual Match

While bloodthirsty fans of deathmatch wrestling are eager to see this match, the winner is clear. Jimmy Havoc is one of the most talented workers in the undercard of AEW, and this is his moment to shine. In recent weeks he has shown that he is a fantastic technical wrestler, and has yet to been able to draw blood in AEW. This match with Luther will be a showcase of brutality, and while they could go deeper in a place like GCW or Big Japan, we might see something more violent than Moxley vs. Omega with these two. It will be saying far away from TNT, and strictly on AEW Dark, but it is a match that hopefully will happen before long. Everything is unsure in wrestling at this moment, but a bloodbath could take fans mind of things for a even a short while.

Do you think Luther is a good get backstage for AEW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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