AEW Dynamite Results: Diamante vs. Hikaru Shida

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Cody Rhodes is no longer the only champion in AEW who has an open challenge. Due to a lack of competition in AEW’s women’s division due to travel bans & injuries, Hikaru Shida has opened the door for anyone to challenge her. The first to properly step up is Diamante, following a win against Ivelisse. Would the street wise brawler be able to score an upset victory? 

Diamante Is A 10 Year Pro With Something To Prove

With nothing to lose and everything to prove, Diamante would be ready to give her all to try and beat the AEW Women’s Champion. Shida would extend the hand to start the match, but be shoved away, and that would set the tone of this match. She’d get into a fight with Shida, and strikes are the strong point of Shidas game. 

They would fight it out on the mat, with Shida rolling to the outside. She’d prop Diamante over the railing and hit a huge knee lift to the jaw. Shida would next hit a missile dropkick, and Diamante was looking very outmatched at this point. 

They would go blow for blow in the middle of the ring, and Diamante would counter a suplex from Shida. The running knee strike would flatten Diamante, and send her to the apron to recover. Shida tried to bring her back in with the suplex, but instead got put over the top rope throat first. 

Hikaru Shida Gets Her 19th Singles Win

Shida would but next hit with a wheelbarrow stunner, but it would only get a two count for Diamante. The Code Red wouldn’t connect, and when she’d get it, Shida would get caught up in the ropes. Shida would hit the delayed Falcon Arrow for the 2.9 count, and then hit the big running knee for the win. 

It wasn’t clear on the build to this match if it was for the championship or not, but either way, Shida was in no danger of losing her championship to Diamante.

This was an easy win for Shida, and that makes her the first to hit 19 singles wins within AEW. Will Hikaru Shida be the first to hit 20 singles wins in this company? Who will step up to face her next? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. 

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