AEW Fight For The Fallen Results: Jon Moxley vs. Brian Cage

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It’s been building for weeks, and now it’s time for Jon Moxley to make his third defense of the AEW Championship. He beat Chris Jericho to win the title at AEW Revolution, and then defended against Jake Hager on Dynamite & Brodie Lee at Double Or Nothing. On that same night in the opening match, Brian Cage made his debut and won a future shot at the AEW Championship.

He intended to challenge at Fyter Fest, but life had other plans. Jon Moxley’s wife would test positive for COVID-19, and would stay home. This just gave Cage more time to stew, more time to prepare for the war to come. Now, it’s time. Can Moxley stop the path of Cage and maintain his 137 day reign as AEW Champion?

Time For Some Unscripted Violence

While this match followed typical wrestling match rules, it doesn’t mean Moxley can’t kick some ass. He would wear the shirt of Danny Havoc, a tribute to a fallen friend. Before the bell could even ring, Cage would swing in with a lariat, but Moxley was ready. He’d dodge, and pepper Cage with shots before being taken down with a single blow.

Cage would look for the drillclaw early, but Mox went for the previously injured arm, his target in this match. This wouldn’t work yet, and Mox would be thrown around with ease. The powerhouse of Cage would be dropped with a diving front dropkick. He’d attack the arm using the ring ropes, he called his shot, and worked the previously torn bicep. Add in some extra strikes, and Cage would find himself on his back nearly in a cross armbreaker. However, a backdrop would collapse Mox on his neck. It wouldn’t give a big advantage, as the arm would be targeted again.

The Arm Will Give Eventually, Or Will The Back?

Cage took refuge on the outside of the ring, but Mox would dive out onto him, grabbing a wrist lock on impact. This would pour into the outside, with the referee letting the fight go on the outside with counting them out. Mox would trap the arm of Cage in the barricade, and kick it. He’d carry a piece of the barricade to the ring and prop it up before dragging Cage that way, only to be german suplexed into it. Taz could be heard yelling “I LOVE IT!!!” just off screen. A slam into the barricade would come next, with Mox now on the ropes.

Back in the ring, he’d go for a sleeper hold on Cage, only to be picked up and driven into the corner. Some big right hands would stun him, and give Cage the chance to take control and hit more suplexes. He is becoming a regular human suplex machine, Taz’s influence shining through. Mox would be trapped in a torture rack, before being dropped to the mat. While Mox targeted the arm, Cage targets the lower back. Mox would roll to the outside, set up a chair, but Cage would suplex him through it.

Jon Moxley Gives His All

Throwing some heavy strikes, Mox would look to get back in this, but would be hit with a powerslam. Cage tried for a moonsault, but missed and took some big knee strikes. Mox would drop him with a clothesline, before hitting a snap Paradigm Shift for a near fall. He’d set Cage on the top rope, and go for a big superplex, rolling right into a two count. Cage would kick out and lock in the double wrist lock. It would only take the good arm to pick up Mox though, and powerbomb him into the corner.

Cage would look for the Drillclaw, but Mox slipped over and caught him with a rollup, and right into a cross armbreaker. Cage would grasp the hands, but Mox broke the grip. He’d transition from arm submission to arm submission. His MMA training would give him a huge advantage, and Taz would throw on the towel on Cage’s behalf. Cage wasn’t going to quit, and it’s better to lose a match than lose an arm.

Following the match, Cage would smash Mox with the FTW Championship. The lights would turn out, and Darby Allin would return to make the save. He’d come off the top rope with a skateboard to the face of Cage.

Jon Moxley was the one to stop the path of Cage on this night. It took everything he had, but Cage is beatable. It was a finish that kept Cage very strong, and it continues the odd alliance of Allin & Mox. Now the question is, would Cage have tapped out in the end? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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