One of the Directors of CMLL: Salvador Lutteroth to Make Appearance

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Salvador Lutteroth Lomeli is one of the directors of Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). As we reported, these new crops of Lutteroth, that replaced Sofia Lutteroth, Paco Alonso’s daughter, will make a rare public appearance. 

The company is currently in an unstable position because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Hechicero said that the company is behind them, but that money has been low. There seems to be a plan for returning, but, Mexico City is still on an orange light. If they could come back, CMLL has stated that they’re prepared to have everything controlled with few fans. 

We reported that Sofia Lutteroth has been washed from the history of the company during the tribute of Paco Alonso Lutteroth in the company. It seems that a civil war was latent in CMLL. Sofia wanted to have a modernization in the company, but, without taking away the tradition. While the Lutteroth clan now in power, wanted to keep things as they were. L.A. Park, who had a resurgence in the company during Sofia’s stays, was quickly dropped by the company.

Now, one member of the clan will finally make a public appearance. Here’s a report by Lucha Blog on the rare appearance by Salvador Lutteroth: 

Salvador Lutteroth Lomeli, the older of the two Salvador Lutteroths in control of CMLL now, has been much less visible than Sofia Alonso in the same role. He will be making a public appearance on a panel on lucha libre at the virtual San Diego Comic Con on July 25th at 7 pm CT. Rey Misterio (Sr.) and the director of Tijuana’s Lucha Libre Museum will also appear there. The panel will air on YouTube; it looks like it’s already taped. These panels are typically aimed at people who don’t know much about lucha libre (paradoxically, because those people will watch something else) so I never expect deep insight. Still, Salvador Luterroth Lomeli is running one of the biggest wrestling companies in the world and we haven’t heard what he thinks about wrestling at all in quite a while so even a scrap of insight might be interesting.

Lutteroth Lomeli is again listed as “CEO of Promociones México, Coliseo y Revolución”, and not CEO or President of CMLL itself. There must be significance to distinction. Maybe Sofia got to keep the old title (but none of the power and) so they’ve created something new to put above it on the organizational chart? I have no idea.

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