Triple Tag Team Championship Seem To Be Closer To In AEW

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The triple Tag Team Championships always seemed like a possibility. With even Kenny Omega mentioning it at the last Jericho cruise that they were coming to AEW at some point. He did hint at a December/January date back then so could we be seeing the introduction of the triple tag belts very soon? It does explain the rise in factions and trio groups throughout AEW.

There is a lot of trios about!

Even before this week’s Dynamite there were a lot of trios. With the likes of the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, Jurassic Express, Best Friends all being trios and the fact that the Dark Order and Inner Circle could easily make a trio. Then there was this week’s Dynamite. Where we got 3 teams of 3 in one night. This being Death Triangle (PAC, Fénix and Pentagón Jr), the other half of the Kingston faction (Kingston, Blade and Butcher), FTW trio( Brain Cage, Will Hobbs and Ricky Starks) and the Gun Club with the Gun family.

All being formed in one night of Dynamite doesn’t seem to be by accident. This episode really felt like it was hinting to the fact that these belts are coming sooner rather than later. Then there’s the fact that there are some members of the roster that could maybe make up a trio later like FTR and Shawn Spears finally make up that horseman faction of AEW. 

Who should be the first triple tag champion?

Looking at all these trios, it’s hard to choose who should be the first Trio tag champions. After going through them all. It feels like it should be the Death Triangle. With them only being around for a short period of time and making an impact. Until PAC had to leave due to Covid issues. Them coming back together then winning a championship.

Will make them feel like a dominant trio straight after their return. The three members as well are most likely some of the most underrated wrestlers in AEW. It does feel like we haven’t actually seen the trio who would be the first to win the belts. As it seems like more trio’s could be made in the coming week and what will come from it is the first trio champions. 

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