AEW To Retire Current TNT Championship Design & Will Debut New Belt Soon

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This past Wednesday was one of the most emotional nights in professional wrestling history. Everyone came together to honour the life of the late Brodie Lee. It was a beautiful tribute show, where his faction The Dark Order swept all their matches, and his family was front and center.

The show closed out with Tony Khan & Cody Rhodes helping Brodie Lee Jr. put his dad’s boots into the middle of the ring, and then doing something very special. They would give Brodie Lee Jr. the TNT Championship, name him TNT Champion for life, and it would be announced after the show that the current design, the one held by Brodie Lee himself, will now be retired.

A New TNT Championship Is Being Made For Darby Allin

With the current design being retired, they have about two weeks to get a new belt made. Current champion Darby Allin will make his first defense on Night Two of New Year’s Smash against Brian Cage. We shouldn’t expect massive changes to how the championship looks, unless they were planning to revamp the championship all along.

Since the belt was first revealed in mid-2020, it got flack for how it looked. They would later debut a more completed version, and Brodie Lee destroyed the original title after beating Cody Rhodes down. Now, they have a chance to bring a whole new design, and for lack of a better word, were given a perfect excuse to get rid of the old design.

The Belt Means A Ton To Brodie Lee Jr.

Just after his father had one the championship from Rhodes, a story came up on the AEW Unauthorized podcast with Brodie Lee. He would find that his son had stolen the championship to sleep with it in bed. It’s just another way that Brodie Lee was able to share his passion for professional wrestling with his family.

This is all just both a smart move on AEW’s part to have a better looking championship, while doing something great for the family of Brodie Lee. We will have to wait and see what the new championship looks like, but I don’t think it’ll be a long wait.

What was your favorite match over the TNT Championship so far? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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