Ring Of Honor TV Results: Tony Deppen Defeats Tracy Williams Via Flash Pinfall To Win ROH World TV Championship

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Right now in Ring of Honor, Tracy Williams of The Foundation is a double champion. He won both the TV & ROH World Tag Team Championships back at 19th Anniversary, and makes his first defense of the TV Championship tonight against VLNCE UNLTD member Tony Deppen. Williams plans to make Deppen feel like he’s back on the indies, where he’s previously gotten ass kickings from Williams.

Tony Deppen & Tracy Williams Came Ready For A Brawl

Todd Sinclair would hold the gold high, and Code of Honor would be adhered too. Williams & Deppens were ready for war, and Deppen went right for the single leg takedown on Williams who was able to block. He’d look for a chokehold, but Deppen blocked. Williams moved to the arm instead, but Deppen blocked.

They’d get to their feet, and Deppen would shove Williams to the ropes. He’d remind Williams that he doesn’t have just three rope breaks. They’d start throwing strikes, and Williams came through with his promise to kick Deppens ass with some deadly strikes. Deppen went outside and tried to come in with a sunset flip, only to end up in a Gory Special.

Williams lost control and Deppen got an arm drag, before getting caught in a roll up for a two count. Deppen rolled Williams around before hitting a double stomp, as we went to a quick break. During the break, Deppen started to work on the shoulder of Williams, and he’d keep that going as he yanked him into the ropes.

They’d trade overhand chops and kicks on the apron, with Williams nearly bursting an eardrum before kicking Deppen in the skull. Deppen was able to take Williams off the apron, and he’d nail a cannonball dive. Back in the ring, he got a crossbody to take Williams down, before dropping a knee on the neck.

Some knife edge chops would drive Williams into the corner, but this just led to Deppen talking a DDT onto the top rope. After a two count, Williams went right into a crossface, but Deppen was able to get to the ropes before Williams got his hands low enough to truly lock it in.

New ROH World TV Champion Crowned!

Williams set up a suplex, but Deppen blocked. More forearm shots would follow, and Williams hit the ropes. Deppen wanted to leapfrog over, but Williams caught him into a Death Valley Driver for the two count. Williams would look to set up the piledriver, but Deppen got a flash pinfall attempt for a two count.

Two closed fists to the jaw dropped Williams, before Deppen applied a one armed Cattle Mutilation. Williams was able to get to the ropes to break the hold, and dodged the diving double stomp from Deppen as well. He’d nab Deppen and drop him with the piledriver, but was too close to the ropes to get a pinfall.

Williams would give Deppen come of his best strikes, but Deppen just slipped a counter out of nowhere and rolled Williams up for the three count! Tony Deppen is the next ROH World TV Champion, and the first man to bring gold to VLNCE UNLTD!

This was exactly what was advertised. A hard hitting yet technical brawl from start to finish. Williams showed his killer instinct, while Deppen showed an insane level of pain tolerance. In the end, Williams wrestled a perfect match and then got caught with the pinfall. Really great stuff. Match Rating: 4/5 ()

Who will challenge the new champion first? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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