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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/15/2020)


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WWE Friday Night SmackDown is upon us yet again. Below you’ll see the results of the show as they come plus links to in-depth recaps!

Segment 1: The opening segment sees the Miz and John Morrison welcome the Men’s Money In The Bank ladder match winner Otis to the ring. They bring up his upbringing, including his struggles with a learning disability. Eventually it breaks down into Miz running Otis down and Otis challenges them to a tag team match – he will be picking a partner to face them.

Segment 2: To begin the WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament, Elias took on King Corbin. They had a pretty lengthy battle in which King Corbin repeatedly messed with Elias’ guitar, which served to make him quite angry. Eventually Corbin smashed the guitar over the ringpost, then slipped into the ring only to get caught with an inside cradle for the victory.

Segment 3: Otis asks Sheamus to be his partner and he rejects him. Mandy Rose suggests Otis ask Braun Strowman. He does just that but Braun is suspicious of Otis, thinks he might just be trying to lure him into the ring so he can cash in on him. Otis promises that’s not the case. Braun admires his gumption and says he’ll think about it. Then, in a rematch from a MITB qualifier last month, Dana Brooke once again defeated Naomi.

Segment 4: The NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair comes to the ring and basically is just here to boast about how she’s so great that Fox just had to bring her onto the show for an appearance. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks interrupt her, an argument ensues, Charlotte tries to encourage Sasha Banks to stop being Bayley’s lackey and a champion vs. champion match is announced for next week.

Segment 5: Braun Strowman is still mulling over teaming with Otis. The Forgotten Sons cut a promo talking about after they came home from the war they were not greeted with open arms, so they’re coming in with closed fists. Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak face off in the Intercontinental Title Tournament. It’s a lovely technical wrestling classic, Bryan gets the close win with a heelhook.

Segment 6: Braun decides to team with Otis after all. In the main event, they defeat the Miz and John Morrison. Afterwards Otis teases a cash-in but claims he was just kidding.

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