Cody Rhodes Expected To Be Off AEW For A While

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Cody Rhodes Expected To Be Off AEW For A While

This past Saturday on a special episode of AEW Dynamite, Cody Rhodes became a former TNT Champion after being routed by Mr. Brodie Lee in three minutes. He was stretchered off, only to be attacked by The Dark Order, who also beat down Arn Anderson, Dustin Rhodes, and Anna Jay choked out Brandi Rhodes. It was a powerful angle that showed the power of The Dark Order, and established Brodie Lee as a huge threat.

There was another reason for this however, as Cody Rhodes is expected to take an extended period off, away from All Elite Wrestling in an on-screen role.

Cody Rhodes Will Be Helping Stephen Amell With New Show On Starz

Having worked with him both in the ring and on TV as part of Arrow, Rhodes has become close friends with actor Stephen Amell. Amell is about to enter production on a series for Starz known as ‘Heels’, said to be a dramatized view at professional wrestling. It only makes sense that Rhodes would be involved in this, and was personally asked to be part of the show last year when casting started.

The show entering production and Rhodes being written off TV simply lines up much too nicely to be a coincidence.

This Gives More Time For Others To Take The Spotlight In AEW

While the string of matches Rhodes had as TNT Champion ranged from good to great, he was hogging a lot of screen time. As more of the AEW roster returns and gets back to action, having the time that would be relegated to Rhodes given to others? It’s going to help a lot.

Men like Scorpio Sky, Shawn Spears, Lance Archer and more will appreciate having more time on Dynamite. It could also be used to give the AEW’s Women’s Division some screen time, something which has been seriously lacking as of late. Another likely scenario is Brodie Lee getting more time on TV, something which could be very entertaining.

When Cody gets back, we all know he will go right after the TNT Championship and Brodie Lee, but that might be a ways off. Are you going to miss Cody Rhodes being all over AEW? Will you be glad to see him gone for a while? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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