EC3 Signs Full Time Deal With Ring Of Honor

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Right now in Ring Of Honor (ROH), one of the top feuds includes an OG of the roster, as well as a newcomer. The OG is none other than Jay Briscoe, a former two time ROH World Champion, but the newcomer is EC3. EC3 showed up in ROH around the end of 2020, and quickly set up a big match for Final Battle.

EC3 Signs Full Time With Ring Of Honor </h3?>

This match didn’t come together then, but EC3 is sticking around… especially since he has signed a full time deal with ROH. It was officially announced on the official ROH site, which said the following.

“Recognized as a two-time former world champion, EC3 boasts one of the most chiseled physiques in the sport and stellar speaking skills. EC3 seized control of his narrative during his time as a free agent. A darker, more intense and more dangerous EC3 showed up in ROH declaring that he was on a quest to see if honor is real. Now that EC3 is making ROH his home, he’ll have ample time to find out.”

How Does Someone Like Him Fit Into The Ring Of Honor Landscape?

At a glance, EC3 doesn’t exactly fit the defined image of what people expect from ROH. ROH has built up a reputation for having the best technical wrestling on the planet, but that isn’t all. While lately that style has been spotlighted once again with the return of the Pure Rules division, does someone like PCO wrestle in a pure style?

EC3 will fit in nicely in either the World Championship or TV Championship rankings, bringing some outside name value to the promotion. This will also give him a chance to focus not only on his ‘Control Your Narrative’ character, but also show just how good a professional wrestler he can be. His pitiful run in WWE really hid how strong someone like EC3 is inside the ring, as he didn’t fit in with NXT and didn’t get a chance on Monday Night RAW.

While he wouldn’t 100% fit into the Pure Rules division, hopefully he does wrestle that style at some point, which to show how good he can really be.

Are you excited to see what EC3 can accomplish in ROH? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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