OVW TV 1138 Results – “The Gauntlet of Brutality”

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Hello and welcome to OVW TV 1138 Results!

This is going to be a fun one as Omar Amir tries to make it through the Gauntlet of Brutality to face Ca$h Flo for the OVW Heavyweight Championship.

Let’s not waste any more time and jump into the action!

Kal Herro defeated Blanko Loco by pinfall 

This should be a good one as Kal Herro looks to return to action with a win.

The match started slow as they felt each other out, and the pace remained steady as they relied on some mat techniques we’re not used to seeing in US promotions with the Lucha libre style.

Blanko hit a pretty cool slingshot clothesline where he hit the ropes with the top of his shoulders to flip back toward Herro.

Herro hit a Fanny Pack Knee for the win. This was a rough match but the effort was there. It looked like they weren’t sure what to expect from each other.

Dani Mo defeated Dream Girl Ellie by pinfall

Things started pretty face with Ellie and Dani going right at it and countering each other’s moves.

After exchanging kicks and knees, Dani walked the ropes and hit a crossbody for the win.

Backstage, Omar Amir was attacked and officials ran to help him.

The Good Word

Reverend Ronnie Roberts welcomed up to another Good Word and said when his round one match does happen, he’s going to lay hands on people and move through the rounds to win.

He then brought out Tony Bizo and “HollyHood” Haley J and he broached the topic of Haley kicking Luscious Lawrence to the curb and how does it feel to upgrade.

A “sloppy seconds” chant started and Bizo said there’s nothing second about them as they’re both number one.

Roberts called Bizo’s opponent to the ring, and after a brief wait Garrisaon Creed came out.

Tony Bizo defeated Garrisaon Creed by Disqualification

Bizo went right after Creed with a flurry of blows, but Creed reversed him into a corner and hammered away.

After Haley distracted Creed, Bizo gained the upper hand after attacking him from behind and had the match won after hitting a Rock Bottom, but Luscious Lawrence ran in and beat Bizo down for a DQ.

The Country Boy Kentucky Heavyweight Championship Tournament – “Big Money” Dimes w/”Big Easy” Eric Banks defeated “Big Trouble” Ben Bishop w/Brandon Walker by pinfall

Dimes started off as he usually does against true super heavyweights by getting thrown around effortlessly.

Bishop got on his knees so Dimes could look him in the eyes, and Dimes poked him in the eyes and then hit some knees and rights before Bishop caught him and slammed him in a corner.

Dimes missed Bishop with a fistful of protein powder, but Banks hit him and Dimes scored the pinfall win with his feet on the ropes no less.

Test of Brutality Gauntlet Match – Omar Amir  Steve Michaels, Big Zo, Hy-Zaya, w/Josh Ashcraft

Ca$h Flo joined the commentary team for this match, so we expect him to play a role in it in some way. Omar Amir came out with his head, ribs, and left arm bandaged after being attacked backstage.

Michaels went after Michaels right off the bat and didn’t let up as he brutalized Amir.

Amir slipped off Michaels’ shoulders to score a rollup pin and Big Zo was next.

Big Zo pounded on Amir’s injured arm and then hit a belly to belly suplex before going back to work.

Amir avoided a splash in the corner and rolled Big Zo up for a pinfall.

Ca$h left the commentary table and grabbed the mic and ordered LOB to end Amir.

Hy-Zaya hit Amir with a series of kicks, and Dustin Jackson, Luscious Lawrence, Kal Herro, and the Tate Twins came out to remove LOB except for Hy-Zaya.

Hy-Zaya hit Amir from behind with a dropkick from behind, but missed a big boot and Amir hit a Island Time for the win.

This was a pretty fun show, and it’s cool to see the locker room coming together to thwart the Legacy of Brutality.

After the match, Amir said his stipulation is a steel ropes match, where the ropes are replaced by chains.

Thank you for joining OVW TV 1138 Results. We had a great time and can’t wait to see you all next time. Let us know what you thought of this week’s show in the comments below.

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