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AEW Dynamite Live Recap & Results (3/25/2020) | All Elite Wrestling


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AEW Dynamite is on tonight! Below you will see the results of tonight’s show plus links to recaps for every segment!

Segment 1: To open up the show, Cody took on Jimmy Havoc. Havoc went after the arm of Cody throughout the match as the locker room watched on, clearly having made their bets. Cody got the win with two consecutive Cross-Rhodes. Then a video aired in which Jake Roberts, in front of a campfire, implied that they didn’t sign him and Lance Archer sooner out of fear. Asks Cody to give Archer just one chance and demands that he trust him.

Segment 2: Cody announced that Lance Archer can have his debut match next week. In the next bout, Darby Allin took on Kip Sabian, had a little video dedicated to destroying the Inner Circle as he threatened to sacrifice Sabian in the name of their sins. Allin got the victory, debuting a new finisher called the Last Supper.

Segment 3: Vignette plays hyping up the deadliness of Jake Hager. We then see Hager take on Chico Adams and defeat him in a quick squash match, having him pass out to the Arm Triangle. Jon Moxley comes out, a brawl kicks up and Hager bails. Vignette of Brodie Lee talking down his henchmen at the dinner table, not letting them eat until he finishes. Brodie Lee then defeats QT Marshall in a squash match, a successful AEW debut.

Segment 4: In the final match of the night, Kenny Omega defended the AAA Mega Championship on AEW Dynamite for the first time in a match with Sammy Guevara. It was a lengthy bout, as they squared off for over half an hour. After a hellacious battle, Kenny retained the gold against Guevara with a One Winged Angel.

Segment 5: In the final segment of the night, Chris Jericho arrived to call out Matt Hardy and offer him a spot in the Inner Circle instead of the Elite. First came Vanguard 1 however and Jericho ran down the drone before offering him a spot in the Inner Circle as well. But it flew off, and in came Matt Hardy for the face to face. Jericho and Matt bickered as Chris was confounded by the Broken Brilliance. When it came to blows Matt took Jericho down with a single punch, only for Sammy Guevara to attack from behind. Cody and Kenny Omega made the save however and the three of them ran the heels off. Then Matt caused explosions of pyro to terrorize Chris and Sammy!

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